Winters Alone

by Foxxes

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Foxxes first release 'Winters Alone' was originally released on September 1st, 2010. Combining elements of both modern day melodic hardcore and raw garage punk rock into an energetic, heart felt 5 track debut.


released September 2, 2010

Cro's Nest Studios, Hayley Williams, C41,



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Nowhere Youth Records UK

Independent music and fashion label from the UK


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Track Name: Winters Alone
Another car goes by with its head lights on,
I begged you not to leave; now I walk for days
and try to forget the words you said,
have to deal with the pain on my own,
there’s no one there, in my head,
I try to forget all the times you said you love me
a tear runs down you face as you say goodbye,
then I walk away under the moon light.

will I ever see you again?
you said no and turned your back on me
I’m left there to cry and slowly I will die

will you remember me when you’re the one alone
another day goes by, when we're not together
do you regret everything you said
you made your choice, it’s to fucking late
to turn back time, feeling lonely
try giving up, close your eyes,
try and move forward, so many things still holding you back
you feel cold, you feel alone, together forever, but now you’re on your own

saying goodbye was the hardest part as you told me your lies
is it so hard to look into my eyes, please tell me you love me
no escape from this, one thing in my mind
is this the only way out

say goodbye to the world. or live my life out, live through pain
day after day, I’ll make my choice, I know I won’t be missed, your life carries on
even after I’m gone like I didn’t exist
Track Name: Promises
Don’t show me your eyes, so I can forget,
Your face so bitter, your arms stretched out wide
one last chance to prove myself,
you look down on me, you walk away, and you walk away

letting go is so hard, I’d rather you die,
than forget about me, deep down you will always love me.
Growing up alone, no one's see's what my eyes have seen
where did I go wrong to end up on my own

your voice in my head, why is it so hard to forget,
need to let you go, remove you from my life
I’ll always be here for you, whoever’s by your side
take a deep breath and say goodbye

I’ve lived, and I have died, in a short time.
My hopeful tears are gone, promises remain broken,
to go through this pain again,
no more going under, will I ever love again
Track Name: Careful (Paramore Cover)
Lyrics by Paramore