by Hindsights



British Pop Punk band Hindsights first release since their demo in late 2011. Written and recorded in-between constant giging up and down the UK, Weathered is a right banger

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released June 8, 2012



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Independent music and fashion label from the UK


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Track Name: Open Eyes
Still lying awake at night, figuring out my life.
Being content is not enough; fill me up with what I’ve lost.
Track Name: 600 Miles
Melancholy seeps through my pores,
Dreading coming back to normal life.
Exhaustion feels like such I minor thing,
Along side this low I’m feeling.

I’m sick of how I feel inside,
I want to be doing this for a long time.

The only thing wrong with those two days,
Was that we had to drive back south.
Normality is something I don’t want to follow anymore.
I miss all the friends I made,
Don’t know when I’ll see them again.
Track Name: Bones
I value stability.
The lack of it has made me sick.
Everything makes me sick.
Throwing up what has made me weak,
I think about what used to make me strong.
I am only a human; I am only skin and bones.
Track Name: Mirrors
Staring at my reflection,
My eyes don’t look so healthy.
Why am I struggling to keep happy?
This routine is repeated everyday.
If few things make me feel alive,
I’m keeping them inside clenched fists.
It’ll only take time for this wall to wear down,
I am already weathered.
Track Name: Fisherman's Wharf
Nostalgia is taking over me,
Like the sun covered up by the clouds.
For a month I felt like something.
I wasn’t empty.

Those long lost feelings,
They were left in a foreign town,
I’ll leave them there,
Until I’m back again,
Because I’ve lost myself at home.
I don’t feel like anything,
But I refuse cry for sympathy.

The summer breeze didn’t feel so cold with you,
Walking until our legs gave in.
I smiled, for the first time in a while.
I smiled.