Stow Away

by Sending Lights



Melodic Hardcore from Würzburg/Germany ( - curtsey of Shivery Productions

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released September 1, 2012

'Recorded & Released by Shivery.MMXII.Productions in May/June 2012 I SP#01

Thanks to Rafael and Marcel for recording and mixing/mastering, Shivery.MMXII.Productions (Marcel, Rafael, Heinzel and Pascal), Nowhere Youth, Back At Sea, Minus Tree , Folded Flags, Path of Devastation, Dwnpours, Together, Matt Warmuth, Fade Away, United We Fall, A Week Of Sundays, Another Youth, Daria, Zeno, Ruby, David, Fiffi, Marco Heinrich, Andre for being an amazing Merchguy, Shaun Faulkner and all other promoters, venues. Thanks to our families, friends and everyone else! Support your local scene!

We support a vegan/vegetarian and antifascist lifestyle!

Sending Lights is Sascha, Matt, Marcel, Phil and Richie I'



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sending Lights
the days of mourning are gone, I bear that you are too I it was so hard when you passed by I so were the following days, when it's all washed away I now that you are gone there will be signs and thoughts which remind me of you I and if you're proud of me now please send me a light and carry me home today (send me a light)
Track Name: Friendship
I see these people burning down to ground I I see them mending in anger and control I do you know what friendship means to me I do you know how it feels inside I this is my life, this is my pride I these are my friends for all this time I I will fight for them with all I have I this is friendship
Track Name: Home
this open land has so much to give to me and I know that this could be the safest place for me I I feel like home but something takes me away to that open sea I and all these stories that they have told I would believe them I set your sails to a foreign country you don't know I find your place to stay I this ship is taking me away, far away from home
Track Name: Dear Mother
I look up to the sky and I can see no light I dear mother where have you been all the time I this empty house was once filled with light (where are you) I haven't you made a promise the day I was born (where are you) I should I walk these streets all by myself (where are you) I do you wanna leave like daddy did once before I haven't you made a promise the day I was born I can you please come back and show me how to live my life I this empty house was once filled with light I can you tell me where are you now I (where are you)
Track Name: Long Gone
this is the story of my city I a sleeping beauty with hundreds of secrets beneath her I we live a life full of fear in our own thoughts I without pain without sorrow with our hopes and dreams I and when the day turns into night, the world I live in shows her real face to me I 'cause we are not perfect and we don't have the right to say we are I without pain without sorrow with our hopes and dreams I we lie, we steal and we cheat in a total acceptation of peoples pain I (without pain without sorrow) I so I can't be a hero in your world I I can't save your life like I should
Track Name: Old Story
these walls are sprankled with pictures of my past I old days I can't wash away I sometimes I wish that I can turn back the clocks to see what we used to be I but when I look at my life between counting my days, I don't know what went wrong I when I was young I had so many dreams but none of them fulfilled my life I sing with us I dreams that faded, hopes that failed I I was praying, I was begging, I was on my knees I when I was right, when I was strong, when I forgot to dream I when I look at my life (it seems like it's standing) I when I look at my life it seems like it's standing (dreams that faded, hopes that failed)